This page is used to highlight any development projects I have created, worked on, contributed to, etc.  I am not a programmer; it is merely a hobby.  I am no more a coder than your buddy with a guitar is a rock star.  But being a hobby, it is something I enjoy greatly and try to do correctly and well.

I try to use GitHub for any code I feel might be useful to share.  You can find my projects at


I was looking for a simple way to convert Python classes to and from JSON, but did not find a solution I liked.  JsonCls is a Python package for mapping JSON data to Python classes.

There are classes for filtering output, if you only want to pull some fields.  JsonCls allows you to define how to map between JSON fields and Python class members.  JsonCls supports inheritance and sub-objects.

You can see the full source at  The wiki has details for implementation and usage.


My current/next project.