Use AutoHotkey to Minimize a Window from a Mouse Button

Republished from July 21 2010, 2:47 PM

I have a Logitech mouse (I think it is an MX700) that has a button that, by default sends, a BrowserSearch key command. However, I prefer to use the button to minimize windows. On Windows, I can install the Logitech drivers and remap the button in Logitech’s software. On Ubuntu, there is a tool (System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts) that lets me remap the button. I have two computers in my office and prefer to use a single keyboard and mouse rather than move back and forth and I use Synergy (open source) to share the keyboard and mouse from my Ubuntu box to my Windows laptop. When I hit the mouse button while on the Windows machine, it pulls up Windows Search (or if I’m in the browser, it goes to the search box). In order to map the Search key to minimize the current window, I use AutoHotkey, another open source tool that is way more powerful than I need, but makes remapping the button very easy.


  • Download and install AutoHotkey.
  • Edit “My Documents\AutoHotkey.ahk” – If the file is blank you can insert the following line. If the file is already there, simply add the following line. If it is the default file and has some junk in it that you don’t want simply replace it with the following:
  • Run AutoHotkey which takes the file you just edited as it’s default config file.
  • In order to have it run every time you log in, put AutoHotkey in you Startup folder.
Use AutoHotkey to Minimize a Window from a Mouse Button
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